Bringing Classic Elegance to Your Home with De Gournay Handpainted Interiors

Bringing Classic Elegance to Your Home with De Gournay Handpainted Interiors

What Is De Gournay Handpainted Interiors?

De Gournay handpainted interiors is a time-honoured brand that produces exquisite, bespoke wall coverings crafted by hand. The prints apply traditional techniques of marbling, plastron and grisaille to European silks and cottons to create works of art for the home. Founded in 1986 in London, De Gournay flourished when designers recognised the unique beauty of its luxurious interiors.

The company employs a passionate team of studio artists who painstakingly reproduce artisanal patterns inspired by Chinoiserie palettes and designs from private royal collections. From classic Ming bird motifs to daring contemporary wallcoverings featuring plants and animals, each pattern is tailored to suit the most distinguishing tastes. The silk fabric used in all collations provide an incomparable richness that cannot be replicated with digital technology, making the textures infinitely interesting along with colour combinations that range from soft pastels to vibrant hues.

The approach behind De Gournay’s philosophy ensures that no two walls are ever alike – their products are not just utilitarian pieces but conceptual works of art which transform spaces into timeless havens of serenity and elegance. As a result, having bespoke hand painted interiors gives homeowners the chance to enjoy an exquisitely personalised ambience that exudes sophistication while simultaneously being incredibly inviting. Whether you choose to dapple your walls with subtle stencilling or make bold choices such as vivid wallpaper murals or grisailles, it’s certain that any room dressed up using these inspiring materials will impress for many years to come.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Unique and Luxurious Look with De Gournay Handpainted Interiors

De Gournay Handpainted Interiors is a design firm based in Paris, France that specializes in creating bespoke tile designs for the home and commercial spaces. The company’s unique approach to interior design lies in its hand painted tile designs which offer unparalleled customization and creativity. With the help of De Gournay Handpainted Interiors, it is possible to create a luxurious look for any space.

The first step in creating a unique and luxurious look with De Gournay is selecting the perfect tiles for your space. De Gournay offers various tile sizes, shapes, colors, finishes, and patterns from which you can choose. Take into consideration both the style of your room – traditional or contemporary – as well as aesthetic preferences such as warm or cool tones when making a selection.

Next, consider how you’d like to incorporate the De Gournay tiles into your room or project. Do you want them to be featured on an entire wall? Or perhaps just part of one? Be creative with this step – there are endless possibilities for incorporating these tiles into any design! Once you decide on their location, mark it out before moving onto installation.

At this point, it’s time to install the tiles – ideal for those who are handy around the house! If instead hiring an installer makes more sense for you, feel free to do so! During installation make sure all pieces fit properly with no corner cuts since even small mistakes could ruin the luxurious atmosphere of these commissioned artworks.

After this step has been accomplished it’s time to move onto maintenance – essential for extending the lifetime of your bespoke De Gournay designs. Basic care includes washing them regularly using mild detergent but avoid using chlorine bleach or acidic cleaning products at all cost as they could damage surfaces over time! Additionally pay attention to testing sealers if used during installation (or recommended by professionals) once every couple years just to make sure everything looks as beautiful as on day one.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using De Gournay Handpainted Interiors

De Gournay handpainted interiors are some of the most opulent, luxurious designs available today. The use of high-end materials and highly skilled artisans to craft bespoke furnishings have created some truly stunning interior designs over the years. However, with such luxury often comes a hefty price tag, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before investing in De Gournay handpainted interiors for your home.

There is no denying that De Gournay products are exquisite and unique, providing a level of sophistication unlike any other interior design style. From scrollwork detail on wallpaper to intricate parquetry featured on furniture pieces or oyster shells embellished into murals – you will find everything you need to make your abode look like a million bucks. De Gournay uses traditional processes like Japanese lacquerware technique, providing guaranteed satisfaction from an unparalleled design aesthetic and standard of finish which is hard to come by elsewhere. Moreover, as each product is customised for its environment this means that you can rest assured that your interior won’t be replicated exactly elsewhere unless requested by another client; making it totally individualisable.

On the flip side though; although these products are made lovingly with the finest materials money can buy they don’t come cheap! Although much cheaper than many previously commissioned De Gournay interiors now offer ready-made collections which open up the opportunity for many more people reap their advantages, there is still something special about owning an individually commissioned piece: pricing per room starts at around ÂŁ50’000 depending on complexity desired – meaning purchasing these items should only ever be considered a serious investment in interior beauty. Additionally; reducing costs significantly compared to full scale commissions has meant that quality control has had suffer somewhat with things like cutting-down time allocated to workmanship allowing certain elements not complying with the gold standard of excellence accepted by customers in the past at those prices paid pre-ready-made collection launch.

FAQs About De Gournay Handpainted Interiors

What Is De Gournay Handpainted Interiors?

De Gournay Handpainted Interiors is an international company specializing in the art of hand-wallpapering. Our artisans use traditional techniques to successfully create bespoke luxury interior designs for private homes and commercial projects around the world. We specialize in taking one of kind ideas—straight from our customer’s imagination—and turning them into stunning, tailor-made wall coverings. Whether you are looking for a classic paneled room or something more abstract, our team is here to help bring your dream design to life.

What Materials Are Used For De Gournay Handpainted Interiors?

Our master craftsmen use high quality materials to produce unique pieces of art work every time. We only use first choice silks and metallics, which provide our clients with vibrant colors, outstanding sheens and intricate textures that rival any other fabric on the market today. In addition, special effect pigments help give that luxurious, velvety matte finish which can only be achieved by highly skilled artisans using our unique method of painting on the reverse side of wallpaper sheets. This careful process results in deep tones and varied shades that perfectly complement each project we carry out.

Are There Any Special Considerations When Ordering Custom Pieces From De Gournay Handpainted Interiors?

When ordering custom pieces from us it’s important to consider factors such as how much light will hit the wallpapers once hung, what color combination best suits your desired look and feel, as well as how you plan on cleaning the walls in order to keep them looking good over time. If you need any advice on these matters feel free to contact a member of our team who will be more than happy to assist you in making sure that your chosen design looks its very best once installed.

Do You Offer Any Other Services Besides Custom Wallpaper Design?

De Gournay Handpainted Interiors also offers

Top 5 Facts About De Gournay Handpainted Interiors

De Gournay handpainted interiors are some of the most luxurious, stylish and outstanding home dĂ©cor pieces you’ll ever find. From personalized wallpaper designs to individually crafted furniture, every element of a De Gournay interior oozes timeless style and sophistication. Here are 5 fascinating facts about this unique interior design brand:

1. It dates back to 1986 – De Gournay was founded in 1986 by designers Claud Cecil Gurney and Marie Christine Spolch-Cohen in London, UK. The brand quickly gained notoriety from high profile clients such as Oprah Winfrey and members of British Royal family for its lavish creations.

2. Every piece is made-to-order – No two De Gournay pieces of home décor look alike, since each one is tailored specifically for the client according to their needs and tastes. This concludes complete customization from selecting the specific size, pattern or colour palette to be used in a room design.

3. Traditional craftsmanship is paramount – With over 30 years of experience in creating the finest luxury home décor items, De Gournay takes traditional craftsmanship seriously when it comes to making sure their products meet the highest standards of quality control and sustainability practices that stand out in comparison with others in today’s market trends.

4. You can have your very own interpretation wallpaper –Add a touch of bespoke flair or personalize walls even further with an interpretation wallpaper based on drawings given directly by a client! Or even better create something completely new working together with top artists that specialize in bringing beautiful visions into reality through amazing artistic paper murals and canvases perfect for any space!

5. They went global – Originally beginning as a small organization found only within London, now De Gournay has opened boutique stores all over the world located in luxury destinations such Shanghai or Los Angeles so everyone can enjoy this fantastic interior design option up close!

Tips & Ideas to Create a One-of-a-Kind Luxurious Look with De Gournay Handpainted Interiors

Creating a luxurious interior setting doesn’t have to mean expensive furniture, shimmering fabrics and gilt-edged sculptures. A simple, subtle addition of handmade de Gournay wallpapers can do the trick! These beautiful handpainted papers not only make any room look stunning but also add a unique classic touch with its traditional design motifs.

To start with, select the right color palette that works best with the existing decor – be it warm or cool tones, muted hues or bold pastels – and then go for a wallpaper design reflecting the same style. Whether you decide on classic baroque patterns or more modern graphics, remember to match the image pattern size with the scale of your space. The room becomes instantly inviting when there’s harmony between walls and furniture.

Add some drama by opting for 2 contrasting designs in 2 adjacent walls to create that one-of-a-kind look! Choose different background colors or switch up your images – nature inspired vines in one side while an elegant damask print on another – for an unforgettable venue filled with personality. Preferably pick out hues from complicated multicolor motifs rather than solid colored papers as such richly pigmented surfaces recreated from archival prints give off a magnificent play of light and shade that accentuates intrinsic details exhibiting through composition materials – including gold gilding! It is advised however keep exaggerated metallic trims away from direct lighting sources as those may lead to unwelcome shadows in your settings.

Transform drab spaces into royal châteaux by tastefully blending together De Gournay’s artwork into finer details like ceilings and window frames etc in order to enrich these small sections without overcrowding any given space. Then use plain artisanal paper as borders around highlighted features plus possibly embellishments like ribbons & fringes on other parts of your house visuals across doorways & windows too. As each piece produced within De Gournay repertoire has been claimed as

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