How to Make Your Own Interior Barn Doors

How to Make Your Own Interior Barn Doors

What is a Rustic Look and How Can Interior Barn Doors Create It?

A rustic look is an aesthetic that’s become hugely popular in recent years. It evokes a style that harks back to simpler times when things were crafted by hand and aesthetically pleasing rather than mass-produced. Rustic interiors feature natural elements like knotty wood, stone, tile, brick and leather. Shabby chic furniture, rustic inspired accents, vintage lighting and rugged finishes are ideal for creating the look of a cozy cabin or cottage in the woods.

Interior barn doors are very well suited for creating a rustic aesthetic as they make use of natural materials such as wood and can be designed with decorative details like distressed metals or rustic hardware. Barn doors also offer excellent versatility as they can either help divide spaces like between a living room and kitchen or help keep them open for entertaining by providing versatile possibilities for sliding one doorway into another room without blocking any entrances or exits.

Additionally, interior barn doors add an aura of timelessness to your rustic decor – just imagine how amazing it would be to come home after a long day outside in nature to see gorgeous, weathered wooden barn doors greet you in the farmhouse foyer! Or opening up a set of beautiful floral patterned double sliding doorways while fixing dinner in the old-fashioned kitchen!

By choosing interior barn doors to complete your decorating project you will benefit from adding character that other furnishings or colors may lack. You also bypass limits when it comes to design styles because with them anything goes – no matter if mixing traditional with vintage or fully embracing shabby chic vibes – making it easy to create something truly special for your own unique abode.

Step by Step Guide on How to Install and Decorate with Interior Barn Doors

Incorporating unique design elements into your home can be both fun and challenging. Interior barn doors are a great way to add a touch of rustic elegance to any room, but may seem intimidating when it comes to installation and decoration. We’ve put together this step by step guide on how to install and decorate with interior barn doors for first-timers and experienced do-it-yourselfers alike.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Door

When selecting an interior barn door, it’s important that you consider all aspects of the job including the size of the opening, desired style and materials used in construction. Start with measuring the width and height of your doorway opening – make sure you leave at least 8 inches of extra space above the top of the door! This will ensure it moves smoothly along its track system. Consider opting for hardwood or fiberglass door panels, as both are resilient enough to withstand frequent movement without showing much wear over time.

Step 2: Install Track System

Installing an interior barn door requires a track system which involves two home improvement necessities – brackets and runners. Brackets should always be installed first in wall cavities on either side of the opening so they are level with each other before attaching runners which run parallel from bracket to bracket beneath them ensuring an even trip across from one side of opening to other regardless of weight distribution. Keep in mind when installing a two-panel barn door configuration, there must be enough vertical clearance between tracks for additional panel!

Step 3: Hang Door Panel(s)

Once track is installed, hang preassembled slab door onto T-shaped hangers located at bottom end ( usually called hanging stiles ) — these should easily slip onto roller wheels evenly spaced on runners connected directly below them. Pay attention when doing this avoid misalignment between rollers & stiles; adjustments need accommodated if necessary so that panel remains aligned centerline while open

Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Barn Doors

1. What are interior barn doors?

Interior barn doors (or sliding barn doors) are a modernized take on the traditional, classic design of a swinging door. As their namesake implies, they slide along a metal track that’s specifically designed to hold their weight. Interior barn doors create an instant visual focal point in any space and add convenience to residential and commercial applications alike. They are typically made with wood or metal and come in various sizes and styles. From rustic to contemporary and everything in between, there’s something to fit any décor.

2. How do you install an interior barn door?

Installing your interior barn door is fairly simple and straightforward when done correctly. The first step is attaching the header above your door opening for the top roller bracket – header mounts can vary depending on the style of your track system, so check with your manufacturer before installation begins. After mounting the rollers, attach them to the door itself—if necessary—securely fasten all components with screws or bolts included with your purchase; finally hang onto the track on both ends & adjust any side stops as needed so they will stay in place when operated smoothly up & down. Bearings built into each wheel will make it easier for handling, but additional lubrication may be needed from time-to-time for maximum efficiency & performance over years of use without jamming up or becoming loose from wear & tear over time

3. What is special about interior barn doors?

Interior barn doors offer many benefits compared with traditional hinged or bi-folding doors due to their design & mechanisms used (in addition to aesthetic appeal). They allow more natural lighting into a room by taking up less space when fully open: furthermore these types of sliding tracks are usually customizable according to configuration needs (i.e., corner cut-outs/bends can be created based on floor plan), so they accommodate unique layouts while

Top 5 Facts About Why You Should Consider Using Interior Barn Doors

Barn doors are a popular choice for modern interior spaces due to their versatile, stylish and functional design. They provide homeowners with effective, attractive solutions for any room in the house, from bedrooms and bathrooms to living areas and garages. The top 5 facts about why you should consider using interior barn doors shed some light on the advantages these exceptional sliding doors bring to the table:

1. Increased Space – Barn doors are an ideal way to gain extra space in a tight or cluttered space. By choosing an interior barn door instead of a traditional hinged door and frame, you gain up to 10 inches of opening width – great news if your rooms just don’t have enough floor space!

2. Attractive Styling – Interior barn doors come in a vast range of designs. From traditional sliding barn doors featuring unique hardware that pays homage to classic farmhouse style, to contemporary panels with glass slats or mirrors suitable for every taste; they truly allow you to customize your house’s look with ease!

3. Enhanced Convenience – This type of door makes entering and exiting enclosed spaces amazingly convenient since no handles or keys are required! Sliding noises created when these heavy-duty panels move across their track systems can also be minimized by using superior quality rollers.


4. Unique Decorative Appeal – Because of their interesting shapes, textures and even colors; internal rolling doors can become real focal points in any room – With striking specialty finishes such as mirror reflecting rings that capture light from nearby windows or walls thus making small interiors look bigger!

5. Affordable Price Point – Another excellent advantage is that installing this type of system won’t break your budget as it usually costs less than conventional hinged versions – allowing you to save money while giving your home a total make-over with minimal effort!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Interior Barn Doors for a Rustic Look

Interior barn doors can create a rustic, stylish look in any interior, but with that comes certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons associated with using interior barn doors to give your home a bit of extra charm.


1. Interior barn doors provide an aesthetic that is both stylish and unique, while also helping to bring a touch of rustic flair into your space. These types of doors are increasingly popular in modern homes, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a little something special to their décor.

2. If you’re dealing with limited living space, you may find that interior barn doors are a great way to maximize its functionality while still providing enough privacy. For example, you could install an interior barn door between two rooms without having to worry about blocking off one area entirely from the other.

3. In terms of practicality, interior barn doors can be quite user-friendly as they require minimal maintenance due to their simple sliding design. This means that no matter how often you open or close them, they will continue to run smoothly for years on end without requiring any extensive work or repair—secretly saving you time and money in the long run!


1. As much as we all love to appreciate their beautiful features and decorating potentials, it should be noted that these particular types of doors can come with some substantial price tags due to their unique designs and craftsmanship used in creating them. Therefore, if budget is something that concerns you when considering different options for interior décor projects – this might not be the right choice for you!

2. Another downside associated with installing these types of doors is that it may require more effort than usual during the installation process since traditional door configuration won’t apply here—especially if your existing walls aren’t convertible or pre-drilled for such purposes

Styling Ideas & Inspiration to Get the Perfect Rustic Look With Your Interior Barn Doors

There’s no denying the popularity of rustic interior design, and the perfect way to capitalise on its charm is by incorporating interior barn doors into your home. Combining old-world charm with a vintage touch, barn doors can give any space a unique, cosy atmosphere – from a modern city apartment to an outback ranch house. They also bring practical advantages such as privacy control without taking up too much wall or floor space.

If you’re searching for styling ideas to get that perfect rustic look using your interior barn doors, use this guide for inspiration:

1) Choose the right material – Your materials should reflect that classic bucolic vibe, so consider wider planks of wood featuring natural grains and textures. You can make them look even more authentically rustic by adding distressed edges like you might find with reclaimed barnwood. Alternatively, you may want to try metal fixtures which are great for industrial vibes yet still maintain a certain warmth through hues such as copper or brass.

2) Pick an appropriate colour scheme – To show off your interior barn doors in their best light (literally), think about what colour scheme could compliment them most seamlessly. To achieve that country chic style you may want whites and creams for maximum brightness, or perhaps some shades of brown to reflect the natural palette of nature. On the opposite end of the spectrum are darker grey tones for something more contemporary yet equally warm and inviting.

3) Select matching hardware – There is something special about reclaimed hardware blended with new fixtures; it gives it that wonderful shabby-chic feel! It’s always nice when there’s also continuity throughout so ensure all hinges and latches follow the same theme as your door itself– polished metal works especially well against a weathered wood finish giving it extra character and atmosphere!

4) Add decorative details – Don’t just rely on your door being beautifully designed enough; it needs those additional whimsical

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